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Silly Liberal

February 2015

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Silly Liberal


So there is a color based career personality test called the Color Career Counselor  it's simple and easy, takes about two minuets so I don't know what they think they are learning about you but ...here are my results.


Best Occupational Category



Self-Control, Practical, Self-Contained, Orderly, Systematic, Precise, and Accurate

These conservative appearing, plotting-types enjoy organizing, data systems, accounting, detail, and accuracy. They often enjoy mathematics and data management activities such as accounting and investment management. Persistence and patience allows them to do detailed paperwork, operate office machines, write business reports, and make charts and graphs.

Suggested careers are Administrator, Secretary, Printer, Paralegal, Building Inspector, Bank Cashier, Private Secretary, Statistician, Operations Manager, Financial Analyst, Bookkeeper, Medical Records Technician, Developer of Business or Computer Systems, Clerical Worker, Proofreader, Accountant, Administrative Assistant, Banker, Certified Public Accountant, Credit Manager, Store Salesperson, Actuary, Dental Assistant, Business Education Teacher, Food Service Manager, IRS Agent, Budget Analyst, and Underwriter.

Your very careful, conscientious, conservative nature gives others the confidence to trust you with handling money and material possessions. Structured organizations that have well-ordered chains of command work best for you.

Suggested Organizer workplaces are large corporations, business offices, financial lending institutions, banks, insurance companies, accounting firms, and quality control and inspection departments.



I got the same thing. lol
You irritated me on whatdoyouhate by saying you hate 'socialized' health care. Tell that to one of the many people having to live on the streets in order to pay for chemo.
NATIONAL health care has been working perfectly well in the UK for decades and you'll have the option to pay for private health care if you decide you're too good for that.
In short, you're an idiot.
You irritated me by commenting on my personal journal instead of commenting on whatdoyouhate. As one of the millions of uninsured people in the US, you would think I would be all for government handouts. But I'm not and places that have "national" health care, (which is in actuality the same as socialized health care) are not completely thrilled with it. I think it is going to ruin the free market system that the country was founded on.

so in short, you're a douche.
I just watch that community, I'm not a member, thus I did not comment there. People don't like it because they're scared of change. It's a fairer system, you're just backwards and bitter. Britain's NHS is proof it works. And like I said, you have the option of private health care if you so desire, so in saying there shouldn't be an NHS you are just denying other people free healthcare.